A.V. Watkins Dam 2′ Raise Project

Contract Amount: $8.5 Million                     Owner: Weber Basin Water Conservancy District                   Completed in 2015 

The AV Watkins Dam is a 15 mile long earthen dam surrounding Willard Bay Reservoir, a 10,000 acre reservoir built by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1964. Over the past 50 years this earthen dike has settled. In order to resolve the settlement and increase the capacity of the reservoir the dam is being raised 2 ft in areas of “no settlement” to 4 ft where “maximum settlement has occurred around the entire 15 mile perimeter.  To raise the dam approximately 535,000-cy of zoned earth materials were mined from an adjacent borrow source, hauled and then placed on the dam surface. Approximately 400,000 cubic yards of granular borrow was placed on the west side of the reservoir dike to strengthen the existing embankment and add dam crest width with the balance of the material being a clay cap placed on the dam crest. Over 71,000 tons of rip-rap was placed on the inner dam face to prevent wave erosion of the dike.  At maximum production, crews placed over 15,000 tons of material per day using over 30 double belly dump trucks for the clay cap or 14  30 cy articulated dump trucks to haul and place the granular material. The project started in May 2015 and although we had a slow start due to an unusually wet spring the project was substantially complete on schedule in November 2015.