UNC Utility Tunnel

Contract Amount: $29 Million                     Owner: University of North Carolina                 Completed in 2005 



The Manning Drive Steam Plant and Utility Tunnel Project was the one of the most intense projects that Whitaker Construction Co. has ever undertaken. This project through the heart of the University of North Carolina Chapell Hill campus included installation of 3,200 lf of open cut 14’x14’ cast-in-place utility tunnels at an average depth of 24 ft. To complete this difficult project over 60,000 cy of granite was blasted  and excavated from the narrow construction corridor and all of the conflicting utilities protected or re-routed without any disturbances to the campus hospital next door. The tunnel mechanical work included 2– 30” chilled water lines 1-24” LP steam, 1– 12” HP steam, 2– 10” condensate return lines, tunnel lighting and ventilation. Other work that we performed on this project were the mass excavation shoring and construction of the foundation of the new steam plant and construction of over 5,000 lf of high voltage ductbank.