Utility Tunnels

Manning Drive Steam Plant and Utility Tunnel Project                      $29 Million                    University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill



Installation of thirty-two hundred linear feet of open-cut, 14’x14′ cast-in-place concrete utility tunnels at an average depth of twenty-four feet.  Much of the excavation required blasting of over sixty thousand cubic yards of granite.  Tunnel mechanical included (two) thirty inch chilled water lines, (one) twenty-four inch LP steam, (one) twelve inch HP steam, (two) ten inch condensate return lines, lighting, and ventilation.  Work also included excavation, shoring and construction of foundation walls for a new steam plant, and construction of five thousand linear feet of high voltage duct bank.






Utah State University Infrastructure Utility Tunnel Project                      $22.5 Million                    Utah State University



Construction of sixty-two hundred feet of concrete utility tunnels including steam and condesate piping.  Work included utility relocations, a high voltage duct bank, and surface restoration on a busy school campus.