Natural Gas

Feeder Line 99/119 Project                      $7.3 Million                    Questar Gas

This project included installation of approximately 45,000 feet of 12″ and 4,000 feet of 8″ high pressure gas transmission line. The project also included installation of a new pressure regulating station. The project required extensive traffic control, rock excavation and working in narrow canyon areas.







Park City WA1349 Gas Regulator Station                     $556,000                    Questar Gas

This project consisted of constructing a new gas regulator station and associated sitework and included connections to the existing 10″ HP and 8″ IHP. Also included on this project was the construction of retaining and masonry walls, landscaping and control building for the regulating valves.







Feeder Line 26 Project                      $3.5 Million                    Questar Gas

IMG_2809-001This high pressure gasline project included installation of approximately 13,000 feet of 24″ welded steel pipe through the Geneva Steel property site and the streets of Vineyard to a new Pacificorp power plant. The work included a 270 foot jack and bore highway crossing, a 550 foot directional drill crossing of 1600 N, creek crossing and road restoration.







IHP Gas Line Blanket Contract Installation Projects 2004-current                  $100+ Million                    Questar Gas

From 2004 to today we haIMGP1155ve replaced or installed over $100 million in IHP gas lines for Questar Gas in Utah and Wyoming.










Mountain View Corridor HP and IHP Relocations Project                      $1.6 Million                    Questar Gas


This project included relocation of over 1,000 feet of 16″, 7,300 feet of 12″ and 1,200 feet of 6″ high pressure gas mains along with another 16,500 feet of 2″ to 12″ IHP gas main lines as part of the construction of the new Mountain View Corridor freeway system. The work included several open cut and bored crossing of major arterial roads.