Culinary Water

Ogden Canyon Waterline Project                      $10.6 Million                    Ogden City Corporation



This CMGC project consisted of replacement of approximately 23,000 feet of  existing steel aqueduct with a new pvc transmission line. This project is made extremely difficult by the narrow work area of 12′ to 15′ widths, steep hillside construction and the need to complete much of the project during the winter months when the existing pipeline could be shutdown. Other challenges on the project include maintaining canyon traffic during construction, providing temporary water for over 100 homes for the duration of the project and rock excavation.






North Shore Aqueduct Project                      $18.9 Million                     Central Utah Water Conservancy District



Construction of 2.6 miles of 60″ and 3 miles of 48″ Welded Steel Water transmission pipeline, (3) cast-in-place concrete turnout valve vaults and (2) bored casings under UDOT ROW (1-72″ & 1-60″).  Work also included air valve/manway vaults, traffic control, asphalt restoration and field restoration.







Spanish Fork Reach 2 and ULS Valve Station Projects                      $33.2 Million                     Central Utah Water Conservancy District

04-15-10 Nice downstream view of trench pipeline activities from station 194+80 to 205+00.


Installation of 2.7 miles of ninety-six inch welded steel water line including road widening and extensive traffic control on US Highway 6, and coordination of equipment, pipe transport, and material delivery to complete the work in very tight spaces. Project also included construction of a dual 96″ and 60″ pigging station structure including 2- 24″ cone valves and 1-42″ cone valve, a 10 acre flushing basin requiring 90,000 cy of excavation Approximately 300 ft of 96″ WSP and 750 ft of 60″ WSP were also installed as part of this project.






Wakegan Projects                      $14.6 Million                    Brigham City Corporation



Installation of 43,090 linear feet of twenty-four inch, 2,375 linear feet of twenty inch, and 4,630 linear feet of twelve inch ductile iron water line and over 55,000 feet of fourteen and sixteen inch PVC sewer force main.  This project also included over 2,200 feet of twenty to thirty inch steel casing bores and 1,200 feet of fourteen to twenty-four inch directional drills under the Bear River and Black Slough, using fusible PVC carrier pipe. These projects also included upgrades to the existing waste water treatment plant with upgrades to the headworks facilities, construction of a new final clarifier, expansion of the existing digester control building, new dewatering equiment, new UV disinfection building and  all associated civil, mechanical, and electrical work.




Dewitt Pipeline Rehabilitation Project                      $8.3 Million                    Logan City Corporation



This project consisted of installation of two miles of thirty-six inch welded steel pipe, completed in narrow canyon constraints with three Logan River crossings, steep hillside construction, a new flow control vault, blasting, and extensive traffic control.