Cache Water Restoration Project

Contract Amount: $18.9 Million                     Owner: Cache County Corporation                    Completed in 2013

This CMGC project consists of five segments of work to reconstruct the aging canal system which is being transformed from an open ditch system to a pressured pipeline system. To accomplish this work nearly 8,000 feet of new box culvert was installed in a very narrow shelf on the Logan Canyon hillside; 5,800 feet of new 66” RCP in a narrow canal easement; 5,100 feet of new 42” PVC pressure pipeline and approximately 14,000 feet of new 6” to 20” HDPE pressure piping was installed throughout Logan City.

As part of the project the existing canal intake was replaced with a new canal intake structure and fish bypass channel in the Logan River.  The structure work included cast-in-place concrete in extreme winter conditions, fabricated stainless steel fish screens and baffle system, an Atlas Polar Automated Screen Cleaning System, an actuated canal headgate, a utility water flushing system, and a jib crane for maintenance of the trash rack and fish bypass flume. Electrical work included a level monitoring system, SCADA controls, and a standby generator. In order to construct the intake the entire flow of the Logan River was routed into 400-ft of dual 42” HDPE pipes and an extensive dewatering system was installed to keep the worksite dry.  After the structure was complete, over 500 tons of 24”-48” rip-rap was installed to restore the river channel and protect the new intake.

This project was made more difficult by the necessity to complete the project in the winter months in difficult mountain terrain and narrow work easements  while the irrigation system is shut down for the winter. Significant rock excavation, cast-in-place concrete, rock fall protection and directional drilling, were also key components to this project.