Storm Drain/Irrigation

Cache Water Restoration Project                      $18.9 Million                    Cache County Corporation



8,000 feet of new box culvert was installed on a very narrow shelf on the Logan Canyon hillside . 5,800 feet of 42″ PVC pressure pipeline and approximately 14,000 feet of 6″ to 20″ HDPE pressure piping through Logan City. Significant rock excavation, cast-in-place concrete, rock fall protection, directional drilling, river bypass and dewatering work were also key components to this project.







Davis County Storm Drain Projects                      $4 Million                    Davis County Corporation


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Two large projects were completed for Davis County as part of a major upgrade to the county storm drain system. The Barton Creek Flood Control Project included installation of 3,060 feet if 9’x4′ box culvert including an ope cup crossing of I-15. The project also included six new cast-in-place concrete structures. The North Salt Lake Detention Basin Project included installation of 2,000 feet of 66″ RCP storm drain piping at depths up to 20′ and construction of  a new detention basin requiring 88,000 cy of excavation.







DW Canal Company Box Culvert and Forebay Projects                     $1.8 Million                    Davis Weber Canal Company



These projects included installation of approximately 1,400 feet of new 8’x7′ box culvert on the hillside in Weber Canyon and installation of a new canal forebay structure on the Weber River. The forebay work included installing approximately 1,400 cy of structural concrete, demolition of the existing forebay structure, dewatering and a temporary cofferdam of the Weber River. The new box culvert included removal and regrading of the existing canal liner and work in a steep and narrow construction corridor.