Dewitt Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

Contract Amount: $8.3 Million                     Owner: Logan City                    Completed in 2009 


The Dewitt Pipeline Rehabilitation Project for Logan City was a unique and challenging project for Whitaker Construction. The project consisted of installation of 10,500 feet of thirty-six inch welded steel pipeline to replace the aging concrete penstock that delivers the majority of the City of Logan’s water from the Dewitt Springs up Logan Canyon to the water tanks at the mouth of the canyon. There were several items which made this project interesting and difficult. First, we had to cross the Logan River at three different locations which needed extensive bypass pumping and stream alteration techniques. Second, we had a number of areas of solid rock which required blasting and rock removal in the narrow area at the edge of the highway and next to the existing waterline. Third we had an extremely narrow work area in the public right-of-way  next to the highway, through a steep hillside adjacent to the river, and behind the existing power plant buildings. Finally, we had an extensive traffic control plan which required the busy highway to be reduced to one lane with pilot cars to direct traffic around our work area. Traffic delays on this project were kept under five minutes with virtually no complaints by the motorists. This project finished well ahead of schedule with Whitaker Construction receiving a bonus for this early completion.