North Shore Aqueduct Project

   Contract Amount: $18.9 Million                     Owner: Central Utah Water Conservancy District                    Completed in 2012

This appeared in the January 2011 issue of The Saratoga View, the official publication for Saratoga Spring City.

The water future of Saratoga Springs will take a major step forward when pipeline construction begins on the Central Utah Water Conservancy District’s North Shore Aqueduct.  Construction is scheduled to begin in late January or early February with completion no later than March 31, 2012. The West and North segments of the North Shore Aqueduct of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Water Development Project (CWP) will provide approximately 65,000 acre-feet of water to Saratoga Springs and other cities located in northern Utah and southern Salt Lake counties.  In addition to Saratoga Springs, other cities receiving water include Eagle Mountain, Lehi, as well as the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. The water for the pipeline will come from the Utah Valley Water Treatment Plant (UVWTP) located at the mouth of Provo Canyon and groundwater wells in the Vineyard area.

West Pipeline

The West segment of the pipeline begins with a connection to the existing Pioneer Crossing pipeline near Redwood Road and 500 North (Pioneer Crossing Boulevard) in Saratoga Springs. This portion of the pipeline will run west to 800 West and then north along 800 West, across SR-73, to approximately 1600 North (W. Military Road). It will then turn west and run to approximately 1200 West to the site of the future North Shore Terminal Reservoir. The West segment also includes a 48-inch diameter pipeline that starts at approximately 800 West and 500 North and runs south along 800 West to Pony Express Parkway. It will end at a flow control turnout structure for Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. 

North Pipeline

The North portion of the pipeline begins at the north end of the West Segment’s 48-inch pipe at approximately 800 West and 1600 North and runs easterly to Redwood Road. It then crosses Redwood Road and runs northeasterly, following the Utah Lake Distribution Canal to approximately 1900 North. It will end in a water turnout vault for Saratoga Springs, Lehi, and Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. Whitaker Construction will be the contractor on the project under the direction of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District.